About Us

Akubilt Construction Partners Ltd. was formed in the fall of 1973 as a residential, labour-only framing company. The name Akubilt stood for “accurately built”. This name was a good choice then and continues to be now -- over 35 years later.

As the years passed and work continued, Akubilt evolved to include commercial projects with customers who built churches. Akubilt framed over twenty churches in all corners of southwestern Ontario. We also framed a dozen or more Tim Horton’s. By the mid to late 1980’s, Akubilt was up to four or five crews, some as subcontractors, and we were doing supply and install condominium projects. We started to acquire zoom-booms to help speed up construction. Today we have a variety of seven forklifts.

In 2001, my son Mike Buchanan joined our management team at Akubilt. He had just completed six years of hands-on site framing in southwestern Ontario and the Bahamas. Mike joined us as our site coordinator and quality control.  He is currently joining Akubilt as our Vice-President and will eventually move towards President some day as ‘yours truly’ decides he needs more free time.

Today, Akubilt manages Eight to Twelve crews and has several forklifts. We supply lumber, labour, roof trusses and engineered floor systems, prefabricated wall panels, and steel beams and posts. Further to that, we provided on site supervision and office support for accounting, pricing, and job tracking.

We look forward to serving you with quality and respect.

~ Don Buchanan ~


It is our goal to...

  • employ skilled tradesmen to ensure high levels of workmanship
  • provide a quality product at a fair market value
  • be an active member in the community in which we conduct business
  • be profitable so we can continue to be financially responsible to our shareholders and suppliers
  • not only meet but exceed our customers expectations
    always remember our customers have a choice with whom they do business